Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Is Privacy Sweep?

Privacy security was once again under hot debate among the public when news has it that Google illegally accumulated its users' private information with its smart phone application. It isn't yet clear whether Google should be held accountable as a result of the sensational news, but one thing I can tell from the incident is that people lay a really heavy store by their privacy. Therefore, it is just natural for online users to grow vigilant and skeptical of the privacy sweep option offered by system care software or anti-virus software.

They will cast great doubt about this privacy sweep option: does it mean that these security tools will peek into our privacy or what? But in fact, this option doesn't work as they supposed. Quite the opposite, it works to protect our internet privacy. Well, just let me show you how it achieves this purpose.

I believe now many of you are keen on online shopping or will occasionally make online transfer. It means you make your payment through the connected network. And it will be naïve of you to entrust your account security all to the banking system. It is because when you type in your account number and password to make payment, these messages will be automatically stored in your computer system without your knowing. In this way, you don't have to type it again when logging on the banking system next time. Though this means good, it does risk the leaking of your private information.

And the privacy sweep option rightly acts to respond to this risk. By selecting this option, the software will wipe out all your online activities, internet and history traces lingered in your computer's hard disk or registry. Take Iboit Advanced SystemCare PRO 3 for example. This system care software just offers the privacy sweep option. It is a good feature of it. As it is powerful and efficient in junk messages detection, it will completely erase the private messages linger out there, especially in the registry. In a word, it leaves no chance for hackers to steal your privacy by inserting Trojans or spywares. Besides, anti-virus software like Kaspersky also supports similar options.

To sum it up, privacy sweep doesn't mean to peek into our privacy. Instead, it functions to keep our privacy from being stolen by the spywares or Trojans infiltrate into our systems. Understand it, and you will like it.

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